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At Dearinger, we specialize in promoting healthy hair. We are against over-processing and over-styling hair. Our approach to hair is simple and carefree — we believe your hair looks healthy and shiny and is its best when in great condition. We accomplish this by giving haircuts inspired by your hair's natural texture and growth. Dearinger does not use round brushes, hot rollers, curling irons, or heavy hair sprays to avoid damaging your hair. Dearinger staff completes an advanced training program of techniques and philosophies custom-created by the salon. We work as a team — each staff member dedicates their career to cutting or colouring hair. As our client, you can rely on the Dearinger team to give you more options and flexibility. Instead of having one stylist you trust with your hair, you have access to our entire team of stylists and colourists, all trained in Dearinger methods. 

Great Location
Downtown San Diego — On the boarder of Marina District (click here to explore) & Gaslamp District (click here to explore), one block from up and coming Horton Campus (click here to explore

Built-in Salon Clientele & Marketing Team

Quality Over Quantity Approach



Training & Development

  • Modern & Creative Environment

  • Weekly Work Sessions on Live Models

  • One on One Weekly Coaching

  • Monthly Staff Meeting

  • Personal Development

  • Hourly Base Pay

  • Daily & Weekly Overtime

  • Missed Meal Pay

  • Variable Service Bonus

  • Retail Commissions

  • Daily Cash Tips

  • Credit Card Tips Paid Out on Paycheck

  • Vacation Pay

  • Sick Pay

  • Employee Based, IRS Compliant

    • All earnings including cash & credit card tips are reported on your W2.

      • Reporting Benefits: earnings contribute to your state unemployment & disability, your 401k contribution, & your social security, essential to qualify for a home mortgage, car loan, or rental property. With us you are categorized as a W-2 employee & not a 1099 independent contractor/1099, therefore you will not pay self employment tax (social security/medicare). The salon will pay employers tax (social security/medicare) & will be reported quarterly on form 941 by the salon. 


  • Medical Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • 401K Plan

  • Discount on Products

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