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The Dearinger Team operates in a dependable and respectful workplace: one that embraces self-expression and loyalty to future growth.

—mark dearinger

You will find diverse, talented staff with innovative ideas, passionately committed to creating healthy, fashion forward hair utilizing the latest techniques while providing clients the highest quality of service. The Dearinger staff believes that continual educational development is the key to your success. Like most top salons in Los Angeles, New York, London, and around the world, we believe that devoting yourself to train in a particular specialty area gives you an industry edge, providing you with an expertise that raises the quality of your art and the quantity of your income to a higher level. The Dearinger training program concentrates on areas of specialization, such as stylist (hair cutting) or tinter/permer (colourist/chemical specialist). 

At Dearinger, we specialize in promoting healthy hair. We are against over-processing and over-styling hair. Our approach to hair is simple and carefree— we believe your hair looks its healthy, shiny best when it's in great condition. We accomplish this by giving haircuts inspired from the natural texture and growth of your hair. To avoid damaging your hair and keep it at its best, Dearinger does not use round brushes, hot rollers, curling irons or heavy hair sprays. 


Regardless of previous experience, Dearinger staff completes an advanced training program consisting of techniques and philosophies custom-created by the salon. We work as a team—each staff member dedicates his or her career to either cutting or colouring hair. As our client, you can rely on the Dearinger team to give you more options and flexibility. Instead of having one stylist you trust with your hair, you have access to our entire team of stylists and colourists, all trained in Dearinger methods. 

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